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Provo university

A Utah Land Title Company

Coronavirus and Closings

Limiting and Avoiding Risk of infection


  1. E-Closing:

The biggest action that we can take to limit risk is to avoid it all together.  If you are planning on getting a loan or selling your home, we need to close on that loan or sale of the home.  If you would like to avoid the risk associated with physically interacting with people at the closing table, we can handle an E-Closing, (electronic closing). We have signed up with and have completed our first E-closing. E-closing will avoid the risk altogether but it will cost a little more.  For a cash buyer or seller there is a $20.00 fee.  For a buyer getting a loan the fee is $75.00 and we will need to make sure your lender will accept electronically signed documents.  The most important of which will be their Note. 

 2. Away Closing:

If E-closing is not an option, we might be able to just send you the documents.  If you are a buyer with cash or a seller, we can send you your documents electronically.  If you have access to a notary at your office or somewhere else that you would prefer to go to Notarize your signed documents, we can send you the documents, have you sign them and send them back to us.

 3. Limiting risk at the office:

Closing at our office: If you need to come to our office for the closing, we suggest that we email you documents ahead of time to review and ask any questions about them.  We ask that your Realtor and/or loan officer review them prior to and stay away from the closing.  We will wipe down our closing room before and after each closing and have hand sanitizer for you.  You will receive a new pen to sign with and keep after the closing.  We will use new social distancing guidelines and have you in and out of the closing within 10 to 30 minutes.


Why us?

A home will be most family's biggest expense.  You need to protect it and should deal with someone you know and trust.  Provo Abstract was started by my Great Grandfather in 1935. I love to meet and hear from people how their parents and grandparents worked with mine and how they know they can trust us to care about their situation and help them with their title needs. -Michael Crandall 

What is Title Insurance?
What we do


Title Searches, Reports, Insurance

and Escrow Closings



Purchases/Sales with or without a loan

Construction Loans



Land or Farm

1031 Exchanges


We focus mainly on Utah, Salt Lake and Juab Counties but we are able to service all Counties in the State of Utah.


Coming Shortly

Title Insurance is the assurance that a buyer will own their home or a lender has a valid lien and the position of that lien on a property.  

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