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For an estimate of our title fees please fill out this google form and click Submit. Then click either the "Purchase Fees" or "Refinance Fees" buttons at the bottom of this page. (click "submit another response" to refresh the questions)

Click for:


If the rate sheet doesn't reflect the correct amount entered or if you want to check fees for different loan amounts or sales prices (click "submit another response" to refresh the questions)

FYI, the reason we ask the two questions about it being a home and a subdivision is because there are two different kinds of owners policies.  There is a standard owner's policy and a homeowner's policy.  The homeowner's policy costs 10% more than the standard.  A standard REPC requests that a homeowner's policy be issued but we can only issue one on a property that has a home on it and is in a recorded subdivision, which includes a condo or PUD.  If you only need to know the lender's policy amount, you don't need to answer the two questions.

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