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Title Fees/Closing Costs

Title Companies are very regulated and this goes double for the fees that can be charged.


The first and most expensive fee is the Title Insurance Fee.

This fee is created by the Title Underwriters and filed with

the state.  This fee cannot be negotiated or changed

however it can be discounted in some circumstances.


Next are Endorsements, they are also filed with the state by the Title Underwriters. These are additional coverage's to the lenders policy that lenders may

require. The standard 3 endorsements issued with a normal home loan

are the 8.1, 9 (100) & 22 (116) and they cost $60.00 total.

Next are Escrow Fees.  These are the local Title Companies fees

and they are filed by them with the state.  

You can                 or                  the filed rates of all Utah

Title Companies.  If you are charged more then their filed

rates you should ask the Title Company why.

These Fees consist of:

Settlement/Closing Fee

Escrow Fees

Doc prep 

Reconveyance Fee

Our filed 

Finally the remaining fees are the hard costs.

These are third party fees and consist of

E-Recording Fees

Courier/Delivery Fees

Recording Fees

Wire Transfer Fees

These fees go to the companies or counties 

that perform these actions.  The Title 

Companies are not allowed to inflate or 

pad these fees.

Most companies use Simplifile to 

electronically record documents. 

Simplifile charges $5.00 per document.

                 to see the actual recording fees charged by the

Utah County Recorder.

Rate Calculator:

Enter the Sales Price and/or Loan Amount & check the two questions. Then submit and click the "Purchase Fees" or "Refinance Fees" buttons below. (click "submit another response" to refresh the questions)

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