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Who We Are

Provo Abstract Company, Inc is a family owned and operated title agency. 

What is an Abstract?

Simple answer is: an Abstract is a book of everything that was recorded against your property.  Provo Abstract has been around since before there was title insurance. In the past before there were title insurance companies, we would search a property and give you a copy of everything that was recorded against it.  You would then know who owned it and who had rights to it.  But don't take my word for it, here is a letter from a prior owner:

March 5, 2013


Dear *********:


Thank you for your recent inquiry as to the origin and usage of our company name.  Provo Abstract Company is the oldest land title company in Utah County.  My grandfather began apprenticing in the trade of land title searching in 1921.  It took 3 years of study and work to be able to apply for the state licensing test.  We are currently in our fourth generation of this family business.


Prior to the development of the title insurance industry to cover real property (land) issues such as buying and selling, illegal claims, and tax liens and other encumbrances, the legal practice was to issue Abstracts of Title. This is legalese describing the actual pouring over of the county and judicial records by a state-licensed 'Abstracter' and the approval of the findings by an Attorney at Law.  This was done for each transaction, for example: a new mortgage, release of an old mortgage, release of tax liens, etc.  One page was made for each transaction, and by adding a plat of the legal description, the pages eventually became a small book.  Commonly called an 'Abstract', it is the genealogy of the land from territorial times to the present owner.


Since the advent of title insurance, the records are not as carefully searched by newer companies and many claims are made each year.  Our company searches from the patent, the beginning, while some only search 10 years back.  We do issue title insurance now as most of the real abstracters have all passed away.


Lenders, banks, credit unions, attorneys, and realtors know who we are and often refer clients to us for the trickiest searches and other problem solving.  Our name is our heritage.


I hope this answers most of your questions and when you need a title insurance policy for your property, you will want to come to us.



Michele M. Dugdale

Kevin J. Mecham
Co-Owner and part time searcher 
Michael A. Crandall,
President/Escrow Officer
20+ years experience
Amanda C. Mueller, Sec/Treasurer/Title Officer
15+ years experience
Linda S. Winkelman,
We are sad to announce but pleased for Linda that she has retired on 12/31/2019.  Linda is spending time at home with
her husband AJ 
Escrow Assistants:
Laura Johnson
Dallas Todd
Cheyanne Sullivan
Trevor Jacobson
Why use Provo Abstract Company?

I think the fact that we have been around for so long is a good thing.  The detractors might ask why would something old make it good.  They might say old means its antiquated or out of date or we want something new and fresh.  I say to them, besides that fact that being around for so long gives us the experience and knowledge gained by all our dealings with Utah Real Estate records, transactions and Escrow Closings, making it possible for us to answer your questions and have probably already dealt with any title issue you might have, no matter how big or overwhelming it might be for you, that you should know that we do have new blood coming in to the company but the difference is that we as owners of a family business have a personal vested interest in succeeding by taking care of our clients.  You should feel good knowing that we have been around for so long and we intend to be here for many more generations.  I personally care about my clients needs and concerns.  I live and work in Utah County and I probably take things too personally but know if I can take care of my clients my family business will succeed.  We have seen too many new title companies come and go but I will not allow my great grandfather's company to fail.  -Michael Crandall

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